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Now on I will discuss about applied art. What is applied art? Applied art can be defined as application of design and decoration to everyday objects to make them aesthetically pleasing.[1] Or it means the application of artworks for daily use. Therefore applied arts are artworks that are most often we meet. Applied arts could be the stuffs that normally we use for everyday objects (daily use) at home. As I said before, applied arts are included many aspects of life such as households appliances, home design, decorations, or even what we wear like clothes.


This is an example for applied art which is made by glass. Because of applied art, this glass can have some functions. It depends on to whom own this kind of stuff. Whether they want use it as decoration or for drinks. This glass has its own beauty, which is carved and shaped like an owl’s face. Because of the beauty and uniqueness of this glass, I think the maker made ​​these goods with aesthetics for decoration. The name of this glass is “Wise Owl Retro Vase”. As I mention before, we can see from the name this kind of stuff intentionally made for decorations.


What do you think about the picture above? What is that? What the function of that? Actually this is a chair. I really love this chair because of the uniqueness of its. This chair named “B.M. Horse Chair” was made by Satyendra Pakhalé. Different with the previous picture, this chair is not for sell but it is a collection of MAKK Museum of Applied Arts Cologne in Germany. This unique chair is very interesting, when the first time I saw it, I feel like I would like to touch the chair and immediately sit on it. But the problem is, this is the stuff that was on display in a museum that might not be touching much less sit on it.


This is another example of applied arts which is applicant in room. The design of each room is so amazing. This creative idea is poured into a beautiful arrangement of the room, with the goods of applied arts which is very beautiful that give more aesthetic to the atmosphere of the room. In design interior we probably meet with many artworks that might we do not realize that. But nowadays in this modern era, it seems impossible if there is no applied art in our home. Just look at your surroundings right now! There must be much applied arts that hidden in your home.

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