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Blade Runner (film Review)

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Last week I have been watched a film that been released on 1982. The tittle of the film is “Blade Runner” which tells of life in 2019. At that time, the technology is growing rapidly and increasingly sophisticated. The development of this technology is used to create a highly sophisticated discovery that is creating human clones that named “replicant”. It was made for helping human’s work. The “replicant” made ​​very similar to humans, so it is difficult to distinguish it from the real humans. It was so similar with humans, because the “replicant” also given the feeling, thought and memory of the past of human life that they “played”. But “replicant” only has four years of life, after four years then they will freeze and die. It becoming problems that “replicant” have their own thought and begin to rebel. They want to live their lives like human beings, and not recognized as a human not “replicant”.

The main character of this film is Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) he played as blade runner. Blade runner can be called as the replicant police, who had a mission to kill a group of the most sophisticated replicant called “Nexus 6”. Tyrell was the maker of the “Nexus 6” that consists of Roy as the leader, Leon, Zhora and Pris. And Rachael was the latest of “Nexus 6” that is more sophisticated from others nexus6. Rachael already can control her emotion and already given by the memories of the human she played. So she is do not realize that she is a replicant.

In the last scene, it showed that Deckard and Roy were fight in the rooftop. It was thrilling when Deckard almost falling down from the rooftop, but surprisingly Roy help him and save his life. I think that Roy was realize that his life not go no long anymore, so he felt that fight with Deckard will gave him lifelong. It is really poles apart with the previous that told; the fragmentation of this film was seems so clear. It is proved when Deckard hunted Zhora, there is no one gives it attention or even help Zhora when she was shot and died. The people let Zhora just laying in the ground and just pass away in front of her.

This film is also contain by “Oedipus Complex” where showed by Roy killed his creator, Tyrell. Oedipus complex is a term of psychology that assumes his father as an enemy and that what happened between Tyrell the creator (father) of Roy. The memory that the replicant had is come from their creator that is Tyrell. Just like Rachael that given the memories from Tyrell’s niece, so she assumes that she was a human that had lived since childhood.

This film also gives a pastiche that showed by how they creating a replicant. It can be said that different creator made the part of the bodies of them. Such as the creator of their eyes is different with the creator who gave them memories.

Rachael was wondering if she really a replicant or not. She was also wondering if Deckard is replicant or not. She looks very sad and want Deckard feel what if he suspect as replicant. And how does it feel when you know that you are really replicant. In some scene, we could see that Gaff always creating a form of origami from waste paper. I think that is the way gaff giving information or clue for some mission. In the last scene we can see a unicorn origami that might created by Gaff. I think that origami brought some information that told Deckard that he also a replicant just like Rachael.

The nuance of this film is gloom. It is proved that is always rainy outside and just a few lights inside. This film seems like want us to capture what will happen in the future (LA, 2019). And the most memorable scene is when Rachael said, “I am not in business, but I am the business”. This statement is sounds like she recognize that she is a replicant. She realizes that she is the product of the business that made for some purposes. 

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