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Finally we touch down in Indonesia. Indonesia has so many amazing artworks that consist of sculpture, handicraft, painting, and so on. But this time I will just discuss about one painting that painted by Eko Nugroho. This painting has really meaningful of words. I do not know the exact name of the painting, but there is written “Negara Kaya yang Miskin Moral” in English a rich country that is poor in morals.


I actually think that this painting is describes about what happened in Indonesia. I do admit that Indonesia is always chaos every time and the most popular is depravity of Indonesian people it self. Actually Nugroho tried pouring his concern for the condition of Indonesia through this painting.

As we can see, it looks like an image of a person’s body without head and lower part of body. Nugroho replace the head part with an image that picture the richness of Indonesia. It is consist of natural and cultural wealth. It does not seem peaceful; it looks a bit dark with the color of the sky that seems a bit cloudy.

If we looking down, there is middle part of body with the crumpled creamy shirt. There are hands that cross and in each hand, it holding something that I think it has poles apart meaning. In the right hand, it holding a sword or long knife and the left hand is holding a book. I do not really catch what Nugroho wants to tell with this painting. In the right arm we can see that there is written “Benci” which is mean hate. In my opinion, it is mean there are so many hates, which occur in Indonesia. But why Nugroho put it at right hand, I do not know either.

Just look a little more down, there are 2 gems and a skull under the cross hands. I think it is a symbolic of natural wealth that brings disaster for Indonesia it self. As we can see behind the cross hands, at the left side there is stop sign and the right side is fire. In my opinion, it is describe a form of protest and turmoil in Indonesia. This makes me think that wealth in Indonesia have only made ​​them added destroyed and chaotic. The richness owned by Indonesian, make some rulers became more greedy and oppressive interests of the people. Things like this that lead to endless chaos. 

I think Indonesia should learn to rely more and more about morality. Thus, they can prosper and take advantage of the wealth of existing well. With it will no longer greed and oppression that factor into the chaos that now exists. 


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