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Xiao Fan’s Paintings

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Asian art can refer to art amongst many cultures in Asia. This time, I will discuss about the painting is painted by young artist from China named Xiao Fan. Fan is known was born in 1992 and started his painting career at a very young age. He could be said has a dark past, and it was became the inspiration that he poured into his work.

Resting on the River


This painting shows beautiful scenery from Guilin. It is features a fisherman’s houseboat and his fishing boat next to which are empty. And It shows the beauty of the river itself. It clearly defined calmness and silence of this painting. The houseboat and the small boat floating on the river that was very quiet. With the fog that blanketed the sky and the presence of birds that stop in the small boat clarify the silence of the river.

River Birds


This painting also shows beautiful scenery from Guilin. It is also features boats on the river and birds flying in the center. It is quietly same with the previous one. The differences shown in this painting with the previous the presence of someone who is seems like little boy dressed in orange and blue pants paddling his boat away from the houseboat. This boy looks very close with the surrounding nature, it made clear by bird accompanying while he pedaling the boat.

Fishermen in Guilin


This painting again and again shows beautiful scenery from Guilin. It is also features boats on the river and birds flying in the center again. In this painting, again and again, we see the little boy who pedaling his boat that accompanied by a companion bird that surrounds him. However, this time the painting shows a person pedaling the houseboat that is also contained in the previous painting. Both of these boats are seen pedaling away from each other.

You might be wondering if these paintings illustrate the same location? The answer is yes. These third paintings illustrate the same location, namely the Yangtze River is located in the village of Xiao Fan live once. The whole of the three paintings are almost the same, only the angle of the picture that different. It is Known that Fan have a sad story behind these paintings. Fan is known as an orphan who left by his parents who carried away of the flood in this river. In These painting he indirectly expressed his longing to parents and village.


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