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Review Video #1

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This time I will review about the videos I watched on November 21st, 2013 in the class. I watched 2 videos that are both telling about art. The first video I watch the video about photography and the second video about Ai Weiwei.

The first video was telling about photography. The tittle of the video was known as “Genius of Photography” that presented by BBC knowledge Channel. But, unfortunately I can’t give you some link or upload the video because of some reasons. That video was told us about the beginning of photography at 20th century; photographer argued that camera is something magic. If someone hold camera then they would hold future. Photography is claimed as a manufactory object tools. It is mean that photography is a tool or machine process to manufacture the object that people see. Photography became something fancy and expensive at that time, and only the rich people can afford to overshadow the photography world. However, photography was only been used for describing political issue to record and recall the phenomena in society during that period.

In 1920’s there is a photographer named August Sander who made a typographic of people. He used photography to see and describing German society life during World War I and II. This typology of photography is used to see an object and capture it from many sides to see the difference of object from many sides and see which one is the best. It was quite interesting; the point in his picture there is like unspoken things that the objects want to tell us. It was kind of the situation of the society at that time, and political violence. Unfortunately, his artwork later banned by Nazi. Because of the photography consist of the record of facts.


Sander was described as ‘The Face of the Times’  and that he was an obsessive collector, his work focused on differences between every body human typology for example – Farmers, Young Farmers, Farmers Children and Wife, Working Life, Head Farmer etc. His work was described as having  ’an oddball quirkiness’

For many decades photography is used mostly for record the criminals and politics side. But in the 19th century, the photographer started to think about the typology of photography itself. Donovan Wylie likes to take pictures from the helicopter, he captured the landscape from many side. He said that we would not know which one is more good if we do not compare it with the others. I think he is cool because he capture the object from different point of view. So we can see on object from different view too. In this case photography is about to record the fact, nothing else.In brief, photography is very amazing media, because with camera we can capture a lot of memories, such as facts, or the society condition, and so on. Nowadays, photography is a common thing for social life. But no many people know that photography is not simple and ordinary as they thought.

The second video is told us about amazing Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. The title of this video was known as “Ai WeiWei (Without Fear of Favor). Fortunately, i was found a link that show the same video. You can access and watch it by yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcRodOfu_s8.

Ai Weiwei is known as a great artist which is his works are always admired by people. He was born in Beijing in 18 May 1957, then he moved to Xinjiang with his family between 1960 and 1976. Furthermore, he relocated to the United States in 1981 and lived there until 1993. But he currently resides and works in Beijing. has produced many works made ​​by ceramics. As we know trademark of China is ceramic. The most memorable of this video is a brilliant idea and a noble heart of Ai Weiwei who create a masterpiece that employs a lot of people. He was assisted by employees making billions of sunflower seeds made ​​by hand.


Ai Weiwei sunflower’s seeds seems like a small beach with sunflower seeds sands. We can see the unusual field of grey field, filling the space between the bridge and end of the wall of Tate Modern’s turbine hall. You can lying, running, dancing, jumping or just walk through on the sunflower seeds but one thing you cannot eat them because they are made from porcelain. If you eat those sunflower seeds it would break your teeth soon! Haha


I was impressed with Ai Weiwei. With this great work, he was able to hire hundreds unemployed people to earn money. This brilliant idea he got from the Chinese people’s habits that like eating sunflower seeds. Fondness of Chinese people to eat it, then Ai Weiwei tried to make outstanding work that again and again admired by many. In October 2010, Sunflower Seeds was installed at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall, London. The work consists of one hundred million porcelain “seeds”, each seeds hand-painted in the town of Jingdezhen by 1,600 Chinese artisans, and scattered over a large area of the exhibition hall.

It was really amazing!! I think both of those videos were educated people who watched the videos. With watching that video, we can know the history of photography, kinds of photography, benefits of photography and also know about the artist who very humble and innovative while made an artwork. Hopefully we can inspire to make some creativity with more innovative after watching both videos.

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